Create mosaics from hundreds of pictures


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Mosaizer is a very interesting application that allows you to create amazing photo mosaics in an easy and fast way.

Yes, a photo mosaic is that kind of mosaic made of small pictures that when viewed from a certain distance seems to be a picture but they are built with small pictures. They look really well and they can be a very good surprise for any event.

You can choose the big picture and thegroup of pictures that will compose the mosaic. Mosaizer will select the position of each photo in the big picture to make it look amazing.

You can choose the size of the small and the big pictures, as well as the quality of them and many other settings.

It also includes an option called PhotoMixer that mixes two photos into one and the result is very good.

14 days trial version.
Library limited to 750 elements.
Maximum size of bitmap is 10 MB.

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